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The trend of IoT technology is gradually proving great value and a key factor in the process of urban modernization while contributing to reducing environmental pollution through saving energy consumption.

S3 stands for Smart Streetlight System – a solution developed by S3 Technology Corporation. The innovative solution was originated from the wining of the founder team in the IoT Startups competition hosted by Saigon High Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) in 2016. The competition with the theme “Develop smart city to improve quality of life” was sponsored by Saigon High Tech Park.

The founder team includes some of the best engineers in Vietnam with extensive international working experience: Hieu Phan (MCom, BEng), Dong Do (BEng), Hiep Tang (BEng), Chau Nguyen (BEng), Dat Le (BEng).

The S3 main solution helps control automatic light on/off or dim the brightness level of streetlights through wireless transmission technology and the internet to save power consumption, reduce maintenance costs and modernize the public lighting system. S3 Technology Corporation still attract more and more experts and talented engineers to work together using latest technologies (Internet of Things IoT, Automation, Smart Control, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence…) to create innovative solutions which help address social challenges.

Solution Simulation

On May 4, Saigon High Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) and S3 Technology Corporation presented and announced the smart street light system solution - S3, which was researched and developed by Vietnamese engineers.

Smart streetlight system is designed to save energy, including the new generation "Led" street light, sensor control mounted on the lamppost, signal transmitter and central system control. These components are connected via wireless/wired network to enable bidirectional signal transmission for control and monitoring.

The S3 smart streetlight system will adjust the usage of the lights depending on the needs, the flow of people on the roads and areas; Can turn on, turn off, adjust brightness according to time, density of people and vehicles through the sensor.

The leader of S3 Technology Corporation said that the smart streetlight system helps save 30-70% of the electricity used for lighting, 80% of maintenance costs, save operating costs. At the same time, the system helps to improve lamp life due to reduced power and lighting time... Intelligent control can also be applied to older generation street lights, but the level of energy savings will not be as great. 
Smart street lights have been popular in developed countries, especially in Europe and the United States. The application of intelligent systems saves 50-70% of energy costs through assessment.

"The full mesh network model allows the lights in the system to 'talk' directly to each other (Peer-to-Peer P2P communication). The outstanding control signal processing technology of S3 helps the system to expand without limit and maintain high stability. S3 Mesh Network is a specialized communication standard with data transmission structure that allows routing routes in the network, automatically isolating out of the network to optimize the transmission line and reduce unnecessary energy consumption."



  • 30% - 70% power consumption saving for public lighting.
  • Saving significantly operational expense as periodical checking services are no longer required.
  • Increase lifespan of lamps by dimming brightness and reducing lighting time.
  • Saving 50-80% maintenance cost.
  • Cost saving on installation and operation of PLC switching panels.
  • Providing cost-effective option to design the system of distribution of the power lines for electricity sources.
  • Smart control and monitor the whole streetlight network from control center.
  • Pre-define schedule, update instantly lighting scenarios by date and time, by season… to maximize efficiency.
  • Auto-warning of errors instantly via notifications (sms via mobile phone and application) for timely maintenance.
  • Movement detection sensors allow adjusting brightness to maintain lighting safety but still saving at the same time.
  • Powerful reports provide statistics of the network such as time operation and energy consumption analysis.

Two pilot projects were chosen to examine the feasibility of Smart Streetlight System solution:
      Industrial Saigon Hi-Tech Park in District 9.
     • Residential HomyLand in District 2.
Outcomes: The solution successfully demonstrates the values returned.

  • Saving 40-60% energy consumption cost for public lighting
  • Automatic control by mobile devices and control center via internet
  • Pre-defined schedule to dim LED lights during late hours
  • Movement detection to enhance brightness to maintain lighting safety (ability to trigger multiple lights in advance thanks to P2P communication technology)
  • Auto-warning notifications to mobile devices and control center

Key functionalities were delivered with the smart streetlights: 


Ngày 4/5, Vườm ươm doanh nghiệp công nghệ cao-Khu công nghệ cao TPHCM (SHTP-IC) và Công ty cổ phần Công nghệ S3 đã trình diễn và công bố giải pháp hệ thống đèn đường thông minh S3 (Smart Streelight System) do các kỹ sư Việt Nam nghiên cứu và phát triển. Đây là hệ thống đèn đường thông minh công nghệ Việt, do Công ty Công nghệ S3 nghiên cứu, phát triển và hoàn thiện sau khi đoạt giải nhất cuộc thi Khởi nghiệp IoT (Internet of Things) TPHCM lần I/2016...Readmore

Trình làng hệ thống đèn đường thông minh 'made in Vietnam'.

Dự án hệ thống đèn đường thông minh thắng giải IoT Startup 2016

Vượt qua 70 dự án khác, dự án hệ thống đèn đường thông minh S3 nhằm tiết kiệm điện năng sử dụng đã đạt giải nhất cuộc thi “IoT Startup – Phát triển Đô thị thông minh và Nâng cao chất lượng cuộc sống” do Vườn ươm Doanh nghiệp công nghệ cao thuộc Ban Quản lý Khu Công nghệ cao TPHCM (SHTP) tổ chức...Readmore

Ông Phan Minh Hiếu, CEO Công ty cổ phần S3: Cạnh tranh với "người khổng lồ" Philips

Ông Phan Minh Hiếu, CEO của Công ty cổ phần S3 cho rằng, với 3 ưu thế là công nghệ thuần Việt, giải quyết được bài toán chiếu sáng công cộng và lợi thế về giá, hệ thống đèn đường thông minh S3 của Công ty có thể cạnh tranh với sản phẩm của những người “khổng lồ” như Philips, Silver Spring Networks, Intelligent Street Lighting...Readmore

Những dự án tiềm năng bước ra từ cuộc thi IoT Startup

Đèn đường thông minh S3, khóa thông minh Atovi, thiết bị đo môi trường Envisor, bảng hiệu thông minh Greensign tạo dấu ấn qua các mùa IoT Startup.
"IoT Startup" là cuộc thi thường niên do Ban quản lý Khu Công nghệ cao TP HCM và Sở Khoa học và Công nghệ chỉ đạo tổ chức từ năm 2016. Đến nay, sau ba mùa, nhiều dự án bước ra từ cuộc thi đã tạo được những dấu ấn ban đầu...Readmore

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